Review for Jeffrey Goodman by Danny C

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Jeff eased every step of the process for us. He visited the property well before time to market in order to advise us on repairs and sprucing up —what would be really important, what would be “nice to have”, and what would be best left alone for the eventual buyer to address. His marketing plan was solid and proactive, well-timed for the Uptown Home Expo. His marketing materials were superb and very effective at driving buyer traffic in to view the property, and his team was very well staffed to accommodate the traffic during open houses, as well as scheduling appointments outside of open houses. And through it all, Jeff was extremely gracious and considerate of our tenants, minimizing disruption to them. All of this combined with his pricing strategy to fetch us multiple offers (three? or was it four? I lost count!) above asking within days of the property hitting the market and an accepted offer within a week! As we moved forward with contract signing, inspections, and closing Jeff was ahead of every detail, looking around the corner to smooth out wrinkles before they appeared. We closed barely three months after listing the property, with happy parties on both sides of the table and nary a hiccup in the process.

But more than his marketing expertise, we appreciate the personal touch Jeff brought to the transaction. It never felt as though we were involved in a business relationship. Rather, it felt as though we were relying on the support of a friend to see us through the process. Jeff’s management kept things running smoothly, but his personal manner kept it running pleasantly. Closing, as we discussed, was indeed bittersweet — successful as it was, it also meant winding down the more intense phase of our relationship.

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