Review for Jeffrey Goodman by Brice K

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Jeff gave us a very realistic assessment of our apartment value and expectations for sale. We had tried selling the apartment on two prior occasions before we met Jeff and never received the traffic or offers we felt should have been possible. Jeff took a much more pragmatic approach with our sale than we had experienced with prior brokers. Rather than listing the home at our ideal price, we listed at slightly below market. Furthermore, Jeff offered us suggestions on how best to stage the empty apartment to provide the most appeal to buyers. We followed all of his advice. As a result, we had more traffic in our first open house than had ever visited the apartment on our previous attempts and we were immediately receiving offers. Jeff also demonstrated just how ethically he conducted himself. Though it was clear that one offer could have earned him far more commission than the others, he presented all offers without prejudice. The process from listing to accepted offer went exactly to script from a realtor who knows what he is doing.

However, Jeff is more than just a capable and ethical broker. He is also a pleasure to work with. My wife and I have been through other real estate transactions and invariably there are always some unexpected hiccups even in deals that close successfully. Jeff’s experience and attention to detail did a whole lot to smooth out those frustrating but not uncommon bumps in the process. He ended up handling details with the attorneys, the building managing agent and other vendors involved in the staging and sale process. Furthermore, all of this was achieved with the good nature and professionalism that I have known of Jeff for years. He is a genuine pleasure to work with.

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