Review for Jeffrey Goodman by Juan T

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Like many people, the sale of a first home can be emotional, but my situation was further complicated by the fact that I had to sell my apartment quickly, as my family and I were moving to a new apartment. Jeff turned out to be perfectly equipped to handle our situation. Jeff was quickly able to assess the market, formulate a process and establish an optimal pricing strategy. He explained that he would put out an asking price that was a little below what the property was worth in order to generate significant demand that would ultimately command a higher price. With some trepidation, I agreed and I am happy to say my trust in Jeff was rewarded.

We received seven offers, with the highest bid substantially above the asking price. After the buyer ended up taking longer to close than we thought, Jeff allayed all my concerns and ensured a smooth closing by taking care of all the small details that were not technically part of his job as a broker. I have worked with other brokers in the past, including several who performed competently, but none whom who took such pride in making sure every important aspect of the transaction was handled properly. Jeff is a quintessential professional whom I would recommend enthusiastically. I know that in the future when I need help with a real estate transaction, Jeff will be my first call.

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