Review for Jamila Minnis by Catie G

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I would highly recommend Jamis to anyone looking to buy a house. Even in this really difficult housing market, Jamis kept my hope up, reminding me not to settle or get discouraged after several offer denials and it worked! I bought my first home which is an amazing 3 bedroom with not one, not two but THREE fireplaces and a huge backyard! At first, the sellers didn’t want to sell to us because we were FHA, but Jamis worked her magic to build a relationship with them, sold the idea to them and was successful! They chose us as the back-up on their house and when the first buyer dropped out, we swooped in and got it! Jamis even managed to get the sellers to agree to give us a large credit at closing even though it was sold as-is! She stuck beside me through-out the process, providing resources, tips, and advocating on my behalf resulting in me not only getting the house of my dreams but saving me thousands of dollars during a hot housing market. She continues to provide resources even after closing as she is committed to not only me buying a house but being able to stay in my house long-term. She is extremely responsive and knows what she is doing! Highly skilled real estate agent I will use again if I ever need one and will recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you Jamis!!

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