Review for Andrew Karigan by Takeshi S

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“We worked with Andrew Karigan for the purchase of a
condo in Newport Coast. We moved from Massachusetts
two months earlier, so we had little knowledge about the
area, the local housing market, and even the structure
of houses/condos in Southern California. Andrew was
introduced to us as a top real estate agent, and we initially
gave him a list of conditions/preferences for our housing.
We met with Andrew to discuss this list and decided to work
with him almost instantaneously. Andrew investigated each
condition in great detail and also provided us with other
conditions, which we should take into consideration and
many of which were, in fact, beyond our imagination. From
that point, the entire procedure moved extremely smoothly
and was stress-free, starting from the identification of a
potential property to the close of escrow. Andrew explained
to us, at each step, what exactly needs to be done and
what will happen next, and he made arrangements for all
necessary steps for us. His service was simply outstanding.
Andrew is highly efficient, energetic, and prompt, but he is
neither forceful nor assertive. It has been a great pleasure
to work with Andrew, because of his in-depth knowledge
and expertise, along with his friendly, charming personality.
We recommend Andrew most highly to anyone who is
looking for a very top Realtor®.”

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