Review for William Hobbs by Roxana V

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Wow my experience with beautiful Georgia homes was amazing! OK so here goes a little bit of my story. My husband and I Thought it was time to start looking into buying a house so at the beginning of last year we decided look for a Realtor and we went with the first that we came across, unfortunately that’s where we went wrong at the beginning of last year, and everything was set up. we had a date for closing but the realtor really wasn’t trying to help us. So to make it short we end up not closing with them made our experience really bad we were stressed since We were first time buyers. We had gave up and said buying house is not for us, but then we were introduced to Soshana and her team. Which We Got to say they are the best they were always there when I had question. When you are first time buyers you don’t know much and you have all these questions. Soshana and William they would sit down and talk to us and explain everything! I know We gave them a hard time because we were scared since of what happened the first time. We are very thankful that We decided to give it another try and this time with the right people with the best realtor in Georgia! Thank you guys I will be using you guys again when I decide to sell or buy another house

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