Review for Wendi Slaton Anderson by Jessica M

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Wendi has helped me and my husband to buy and sell multiple homes in Austin. From the beginning, I could see that Wendi enjoyed her job. Her wholehearted enthusiasm impressed me and I felt more cheery and optimistic just being with her. Her confidence put me at ease, and driving around looking at houses with her was always fun.
When she and I found the perfect house for my family, I loved sharing that joy with her. When there was less enjoyable work to be done, like getting the house ready to show and moving, she helped me so much! She makes work look easy, being capable in all the roles the job requires. Wendi’s staging skills are amazing to behold–I watched as she decluttered and rearranged in my house before a photo shoot. She has a magic touch, transforming messiness into casually curated in a matter of moments. Thankfully, she was there whenever I needed her support.
This spring we had to put our Austin house on the market, and my husband and I were already living and working in another state. Wendi and her team took care of everything, from project management to staging the house. They watered plants and supervised the painters, in addition to doing open houses and marketing the house. When it came time to negotiate with a potential buyer, we trusted Wendi completely. She represented us in such a gracious way, getting us and the buyer a happy and successful ending.
After over a decade of working together, I have learned that Wendi cares deeply about her clients and also about her Roots team. They are run a tight ship, and they take pride in each other. I am proud to be a part of the ROOTS extended family and I am Wendi’s #1 fan.

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