Review for Timothy Johnson by Catherine W

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How can I explain the incredible skills and services that Tim Johnson has provided (and continues to provide) to me and my family? First, he is incredibly knowledgeable about the entire loan/finance end of buying and selling homes. Second, he goes above and beyond to assist both in preparing houses for sale (great recommendations for staging, aesthetics, etc.) and in finding just what you want and need when you’re buying. He’s an expert with a paint brush! Third, and most importantly, he handles all questions, comments and frustrations calmly and professionally. He has been working with my high-personality family members since he began his career as a realtor, and we all just love him!

His attention to detail in the process makes things go as smoothly as possible which is such a gift when you’re going through the stresses of moving. I highly and freely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an exceptional realtor.

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