Review for Terri Sunday by Jim A

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It is really going to be difficult to appropriately encapsulate my experience with Terri in just a few words. I was a first time home buyer filled with anxiety about the process. I received a recommendation to use Terri from a friend of mine who also recently purchased his first home. I could not have asked for a better recommendation. Terri jumped right in and helped me through every step of the process. She was quickly able to identify the size, type and location of what I was interested in seeing. I received some really quality listings to look over and quickly identified the house I wanted to purchase. Terri was with me through the whole process. Terri was very knowledgeable about the local market. When issues cropped up in the process, she was extremely responsive, and very professional. The negotiations went extremely well. It was such a relief to have my first-time home purchase handled with the expertise and professionalism that it was. I can not say enough about the security I felt through the whole purchase. When I think about my experience and weigh it against the stories I have heard from other first time home purchasers, I feel incredibly grateful that I was in such good hands.

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