Review for Tamara Zyhylij by Nancy M

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I have had a number of realtors in my life, from buying and selling homes a half dozen times, and Tamara is by far the best realtor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is so good at her job that makes the buying a home feel absolutely seamless. She’s great at explaining the process, from the broader strategy of handing a hot real estate market to the smaller details of the transactions. She is not someone who acts like a salesperson trying to land a commission; quite the opposite. She is good at gently suggesting putting the brakes on impulse purchases of properties where she can see red flags the buyer may miss. She has great attention to detail and can tell which home choices are the smart ones. Tamara also knows a lot about individual neighborhoods and properties in the San Diego area and brings years of experience to the table. She recommends lenders and inspectors who are just as smart, nice, and easy to work with as she is. These were truly unique times to be buying a property, during a hot market in the middle of a pandemic. Not only did she handle all of that seamlessly and drama-free, but she insisted on going full-force in accompanying me at property visits even though she was on crutches recovering from surgery. I cannot recommend her highly enough, without any reservation. Before this, buying and selling real estate was up there among the most stressful experiences of my life, but this time, it was absolutely stunning how stress-free it was, thanks to Tamara.

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