Review for Stephen Nikkola (RA) by Maria H

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“I would like to highly commend Mr. Stephen Nikkola for being a person of great integrity, both personally and in his profession. I have been looking for quite some time for a particular kind of Realtor to help me navigate the real estate market: a place to find with very particular assets and a house to sell next year. When I first talked to Mr. Nikkola, I realized that we was that rare Realtor: a great sense of integrity, high moral values, a sense of what I really needed and what I really wanted. A Realtor that would take the time and have the patience to allow me to see clearly why it was important to make the right decision; once I decided on the property I wanted, he again took the time to see that all documents were in order, that I understood the legal language, and that it was in my best interest. Once more his help was commensurate with his values: patience, kind, a thorough professional and very trustworthy. Kudos to Mr. Stephen Nikkola!”

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