Review for Robert Rutley by Eduardo R

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Buying a multifamily was something I’ve always wanted to do, but there was always the fear of not knowing what to expect, the true costs behind the investment, and the many questions that may come after.

Robert came and alleviated a lot those worries, and made buying my first home a very seamless experience! He was not only knowledgeable of the buying process, but he was very knowledgeable of the Providence area and its neighborhoods!

If you’re a first time buyer, he’s happy to guide you and answer any questions you may have. Not only is Robert knowledgeable, but he’s very attentive and considerate of what your needs are as a buyer! Me knowing so little about home maintenance, Robert was always up front as to whether a home was worth investing on based on its current condition. He not only helps to snag a home of your liking, but he will aim at acquiring a property that’s going to be worth your while, whether it’s your forever home, or an investment property.

Even after my purchase, Robert has continued to offer assistance and remained available for any questions I had. Unlike some realtors who are solely after a commission check, Robert aims at providing top notch service to his clients, while working to build their overall buying/selling experience!

He is definitely a realtor to recommend for those buying or selling in the Providence area! Same goes to his colleague, Ben, who’s also been a support in this process. Thank you for everything, Robert!

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