Review for Michael Crawford by Judy P

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“I have known Michael Crawford for many years and have worked with him in different situations. In all those situations he has been enthusiastic and hardworking; always dedicated to the task at hand. When it came time for me to sell a couple properties that I had inherited, I did not hesitate to contact Mike. His work ethic and his dedication to whatever he was doing, was always something that I admired about him. With the first property that I sold it was commercial, so Mike referred me to one of his colleagues that handled commercial property. It was a difficult transaction, but Mike put me in good hands; Jacqueline Fernandez was on top of everything that came our way and we ended up having a successful sale. More recently, I decided to sell my residential property and immediately contacted Mike to handle that sale. Unfortunately, it too has been a huge nightmare with all kinds of obstacles. However, and without any hesitation, Mike has been there to make sure things continue to move smoothly. He has gone above and beyond his job by helping me locate workers, get bids and arrange for them to have access to the property. Because I live out of state, and because it is a rental with a tenant, it has been difficult from long distance to coordinate all the showings, meetings and other things that have come up. Mike has always stepped in to coordinate the things that need to be done, which has given me such great peace of mind. What I especially appreciate about Mike though, is his continuous communication with me about the status of the sale. He is always straight forward about what I need to know and if it is something that he is not allowed to talk about (legal and taxes) he always lets me know that I need to talk to my advisors. Michael is good at what he does, and I would not hesitate to refer others to him for their real estate sales needs. Judy Procter”

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