Review for Melina Olivares by Jess K

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I called Melina in a panic one January after the owner of my rented house wanted to sell, and although I didn’t want the headache of a move, I knew if I was going to buy a house…I wanted to do it right. She listened to everything I wanted, down to every detail, e.g., how far from work, a window in the bathroom, lol, screen porch, etc. We looked at several options together, and she wanted me to be honest! She also reminded me about my list b/c sometimes we’d see one and what I said I wanted would just fly outta my head b/c I was worried we wouldn’t find something in time. She encouraged me to have patience, and then—BAM, she calls me and says check your email… and there it was, just on the market, almost with all the stuff on the list. She said we should go now, so I met her over there, we did all the paperwork online that night…and the rest is history. Been here 3 years and I still love it. Trust me, Melina is really good at this, gives great advice and if the seller agrees to something, she holds them to it! Highly recommend.

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