Review for Melina Olivares by Ericka B

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We bought and sold our house in Raleigh through Melina Olivares. She is the best realtor a type-A personality could ever hope for! She was always on time and well prepared for meetings and showings, including print outs when we were buying so that we could take notes on individual properties. She was great at anticipating our needs! When we sold our home, she provided advice on how to prep, timelines, when to go to market and answered all our questions. After 90+ showings over 2 days and 11 offers, she presented a spreadsheet with all the relevant offer details so that we could make a decision based on facts. We didn’t even have to ask! We found her to be highly intuitive with fantastic area and real estate knowledge and super personable. Melina is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone searching for a home in the Triangle area.

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