Review for MARGARET STEINER by Michelle F

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My husband and I came to Margaret to sell our home not once, not twice, but three times because each time we said we were ready, our family decided to grow. Some people would see that as all the more reason to move, but the thought of selling our home and moving was so intimidating to us that we kept backing out when our plates would get full. But while our plans were not consistent, Margaret was, and her support is what helped make our move from Orlando to Indialantic a reality: Third time’s a charm! In fact, Margaret sold our home in Orlando so quickly (we were under contract in just a couple of weeks with a cash offer) that our plans didn’t have time to change! She truly held our hands every step of the way, answered all of our questions (and our numerous texts and calls), and she was the perfect guide as we navigated this process for the first time.

It was a no brainer that we would also ask for her help in finding our new home in Brevard County, too. She made that hour drive with us multiple times to show us homes, and each time she seamlessly coordinated a line-up of great contenders for us to see so we could make the most of our trip. She also helped us pro/con as we made our decision between living beachside or mainland, and she educated us on the things we needed to be aware of in owning an older home. This process we were once avoiding ended up being so smooth and so much fun because of her! On our third trip out, we ended up walking into our dream home, and then the real fun began. Margaret’s dedication and tenacity throughout the negotiation process, the inspections, and finally our closing is what really sealed the deal. Selling/buying a home and moving is a huge undertaking with a lot of room for error but having Margaret in our corner made the wild ride a smooth one.

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