Review for Jenny Pham by Melissa S

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Writing this review took a few days and 5 pages later it was completed with pride. A lengthy letter that expressed word for word the experiences my husband and I had encountered working with Jenny Pham and Jordan Chow as our realtors. My husband says to me, “Babe, I understand you really want to stress the best of the best experiences we have had, but his is not a book report. It should be a letter in short for them. Try your best to keep it to one page”. You can only imagine how challenging it was for me to cramp 5 pages of words into 1 page. My point across it all is that words are endless when you experience a service that goes above and beyond your expectations, it can change your life forever. We are the Strohlins, the lucky home owners to work with Jenny and Jordan over the past few months. They have played a very important role in selling our home. During the home selling process, they were extremely organized and prompt at all times to get things done in a timely manner.

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