Review for Jeffrey Goodman by Howard O

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For well over a year, Jeff helped us search for a home that met our needs and wants. This particular move and search was unusually stressful for us. We are both legally blind, and this made looking for a new home even more challenging. Jeff took this in stride and patiently answered all of our questions, giving us the extra time we needed to check out each property. During our nearly year and a half search we viewed more than 130 apartments in a wide variety of neighborhoods. Many of these apartments were in neighborhoods that were unfamiliar to us. When this was the case we were always amazed at his knowledge of the neighborhood and surrounding area. He was quite aware of the things that were important to us, such as proximity to subways and access to outdoor space, to name a few.

Once we found our perfect home Jeff guided us through the process of negotiating an acceptable price and contract terms. After that came the true adventure of securing all items for our board package. Jeff took control of this process in a manner that eased our stress and anxiety and ensured that a complete and beautiful package was delivered to the co-op on time. As a testament to his thoroughness the only items that the board requested after the package was submitted were from the seller. That is quite a feat.

Another example of Jeff’s going above and beyond is that the seller did not vacate the property until the morning of closing. This created a situation where movers were removing the seller’s things during the time the closing was scheduled to take place. Jeff stayed at the apartment until the move was complete and ensured that there was no damage or other negative issue. Once this was done he called us so we could complete the closing. Jeff made what is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life very easy and comfortable.

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