Review for Jason Berger, P.A. by Margie M

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Jason is a phenomenal real estate agent, and I want to highly recommend him to everyone.

When my son died last year, I was going to give his townhouse back to the bank. I was not able to think straight due to my extreme grief. I knew Jason through Facebook because he was a good friend of my son Peter for many years. Jason stopped by, and let me know the house was not upside down any longer due to it being a seller’s market. He showed me information and suggested waiting a bit and giving myself time to settle prior to making any decisions. This was the best advice anyone ever gave me.

Three months later I contacted Jason to get up-to-date comps and direction at the same time. I then started probate on the property. The attorney assured my ex-husband and me the house could be listed and sold, while in probate. We then decided to list with Jason.

Jason suggested a reasonable listing price and sold the home in a little over 90-days. He was always there helping us with all the details making it effortless for us (which was extremely appreciated).

Jason recommended a company that came and removed unwanted furniture for us, saving me time and money.

Jason was able to get a great deal of information back to us prior to our probate attorney which was very impressive. He is very competent, and I am very happy with the way he handled our home sale. I’ve had a horrible experience with a previous Realtor I used for the sale of my home in Illinois. Totally incompetent!! Believe me, when I tell you, you will be very happy with Jason and his thoroughness and professionalism.

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