Review for Jamis Minnis by Sam K

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Homebuying in Portland for first-timers in the tail-end of 2020 was a nightmare. Houses going 40-50k over asking, gone within 5 days. We were out trying to get a house as first time home buyers, and were completely overwhelmed. Jamis somehow found the most amazing house for us, in the most amazing neighborhood, by getting us in the day after the price was reduced, and got our offer accepted within three days.

At one point were out there during the wildfires, wearing gasmasks during a pandemic, looking at houses. It was wild. I’ll never forget it.

Jamis somehow made it work. Of course we had to hustle a bit, but Jamis matched us hustle-for-hustle. If you’re desperate to find a house as a first-timer in Portland and think it’s hopeless, call Jamis.

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