Review for Jamila Minnis by Ty S

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Jamis Minnis is a Portland Realtor Rock Star.
We started the process of selling our home in the winter by reaching out to Jamis Minnis at Living Room Realty. She responded to us very quickly and was able to explain what work and marketing skills she had. She made some recommendations for minor repairs to prep our house for sale so we could get the optimal price. The whole process took several months from start to finish and most of the time was focused on completing some drywall, flooring, and painting all within our repairs budget. We were so impressed with the interview and subsequent meetings that we decided to sign with Jamis prior to our final photoshoot of the house which she scheduled. Jamis has excellent communication skills and helped us work through some challenges with the projects. In the end, we sold our house in April which was a seamless and well-guided process. Much of the communication between agents was transparent and Jamis helped keep a timeline for all outstanding steps for completion. We were so grateful for finding Jamis Minnis. We recommend you interview and hire Jamis Minnis because she works so hard to help you achieve your goals.

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