Review for Jamila Minnis by Greta H

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I truly cannot imagine going through the home buying process without Jamis. As a first-time home buyer I was really intimidated by the market and finding our dream home felt out of reach, but then we met Jamis. Jamis really understands the market and is wonderful at explaining each step of the process with patience and detail. I always felt like they had our back through every step of the journey and truly wanted what was best for us. They gave so much of their time and energy to this process and we never felt rushed or pushed into making decisions. If anything, Jamis helped us slow down and get really clear about what we wanted in a home. Throughout this process Jamis showed up with humor and authenticity which made this process way more fun than I imagined it could be. I am so grateful we had Jamis as our agent, they are one of a kind and an absolute gem of a human.

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