Review for Heidi North by Dalton B

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Heidi was incredible, Not only was she helpful with any questions we have but when we started to run into roadblocks with our lender she really came through for us. We didn’t have lender issues per se however, we had a lot of slowdowns due to poor communication on the lenders and and without Heidi I honestly don’t know if we would be in the house that we’re in. Not only was she proactive but she was kind more communicative than we could have asked for and was generous with her time. Heidi not only went above and beyond for us she exceeded all expectations we could have possibly had in a realtor if I can give her more than five stars I would. If you are looking for a realtor and want somebody who’s going to be your advocate, who is going to work hard for you, and who is going to really provide the Excellence and wisdom necessary when purchasing or selling a home then Heidi is the person for you.

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