Review for Eric Premo by Bennett H

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Eric and Gina were fantastic in every aspect of our journey buying process, acting as a true team. I’d recommend them to anyone reading this – they treated my husband and I with total respect and understanding. Some things I appreciated in particular… Communication was great, especially considering the 7-day timeline of this hot market. We did some up-front visits and they really honed in fast on our preferences/needs. They would preview promising homes and we’d visit a sub-set. We started looking in a low-turnover neighborhood with little comparative history; Eric did great work so we had the right info to make the best offer for us. Gina really opened us up to several new areas we found very promising. We lost the first place because the other person overpaid (thanks Eric!), then we won on our second house with the right offer. All in all a positive experience, Eric and Gina are great!

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