Review for Don Rongstad by Jesslyn and Ellen W

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Don Rongstad is a breath of fresh air; a true leader exuding confidence and assurance. Don doesn’t settle for status quo, going above and beyond aggressively yet intricately to get desired results. We have worked with a myriad of real estate professionals over the years; often times a stressful unnerving experience. Don’s energy level, accountability, availability, professional connections and community network, computer savvy (bells and whistles, videography, top notch photography), can-do attitude and attention to (incredibly) minute details, makes him our champion. He has gone to great length to help us reach our real estate goals. Don sold our house in 4 days at a price most said could not be done. When our movers didn’t show up, he rolled up his dress shirt sleeves and grabbed the moving dolly. Don Rongstad has EARNED our trust and our long-term business. He IS that go-to super agent one searches for. When going to the negotiation table and the closing table, we feel confident as the seller or the buyer with Don’s leadership.
Although Don isnt gay himself, he is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community, presenting an “at-home, family” kind of demeanor. Because of Don’s genuine warmth and acceptance, it’s easy to talk authentically. This allows him to probe and pinpoint key aspects and perspectives, which ultimately leads to his understanding of our wishes.
Don has everything it takes to help you realize your dreams. We highly recommend him.

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