Review for David Ayerdi by Young J

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I set David a very challenging task: Sell my one-bedroom apartment in an absolutely terrible market for one-bedroom apartments, in the same building in which two other similar one-bedroom apartments had been sitting for well over a month. I picked David because he was the one who’d originally sold my apartment to me (for way above asking), and I’d been impressed by his skills. David prepped my apartment for sale in eight days (including immaculate renovations, painting, and staging) and had it listed and open for viewing in no time. Within days, I had an accepted offer, and closing happened at warp speed (even with a mortgage). David’s secret is his attention to detail. Of course he’s very experienced and knowledgeable and skilled, but I’ve never in my life met anyone who put so much focus on getting every single little thing right. From polishing the leaves of the live houseplants to asking the condo to clean rust off their gate to talking to every single potential buyer who happened to be walking by (which is how he got my buyer), he worked as hard to sell my relatively small-potatoes place as if it were one of his huge multi-million dollar listings. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

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