Review for David Ayerdi by Quincy L

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Oh man.. where do I start! I was a first-time home buyer with little knowledge of the buying process. A good realtor friend of mine from LA connected me with David after some extensive research and vetting of his SF counterparts. My friend hoped that I was in good hands, and David did not disappoint!

Among many, a few characters really set David apart from the rest.

1. Stayed on top of the latest, relevant listings. He made sure to update me with new listings that actually match my criteria, sometimes even before they came on market (Zillow or Redfin). He was great at securing showings that worked for my schedule. He would go check out homes on my behalf and came back with good advice. He made the “shopping” experience as easy as possible for his clients.

2. Never pushy. I am a very discerning buyer with a laundry list of must-haves and a fixed budget. Countless times when I turned down an option, he would say it’s gotta be the one and we move onto the next. I felt like he was always on my side and I could trust him completely.

3. Extensive knowledge & relationships. David knows everything about SF neighborhoods and quite possibly everyone in the real estate ecosystem! He provided practical guidance on the pros & cons of each neighborhood that led me to finally land on an area of my dream. He also provided great options on lenders, and all of lenders he recommended were great (too bad I had to pick one!). Throughout my interactions with other realtors, lenders, title officers, etc., they all had nothing but great things to say about David.

4. Carried things through. This part is super important – especially if you are a first time buyer/seller. David carried everything through for me all the way until closing. He was the one chasing paperwork when things were falling behind. Most of my friends said the closing process was so nerve-wracking, but I didn’t have to worry a thing because of David working in the background.

David is the most passionate and dedicated real estate professional that I’ve ever interacted with. This is not just a job for him. He truly was passionate about this career and cared about his clients as human beings looking for a place to call home.

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