Review for Danielle Rhodes by Josh J

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It is rare that I take the time to write public reviews of persons, places, or things… It is my deep pleasure to be able to write one regarding the professional realtor services of Danielle Rhodes.

I found Danielle online and had been in touch with her on and off for over a year before I was ready to really enter the market as a buyer. In our correspondence throughout that time (and long before she took me on as an active client) Danielle was welcoming, informative, and helpful. She provided insightful responses to my various inquiries, helped direct me towards resources that she thought would be helpful to my process, and provided appropriate push-back to some of my ideas or stated desires.

When I finally was ready to actively enter the market, I was able to share with Danielle my most important criteria for a house, my budget, and my hoped-for timeline and trust that she had a good sense of what I was looking for. Danielle was communicative throughout the process and made herself available to show as many homes as I wanted to see. As we toured homes, she provided thoughtful assessments and critiques of the properties, asked probing questions about my needs, desires, and willingness, and helped steer me away from ones that weren’t even worth my time to look at. She had a great knowledge of different neighborhoods and was able to locally contextualize the prospect of life in different parts of town. When push came to shove and my offer was about to be rejected in favor of another, Danielle went to bat for me, refusing to let it slide. She was able to reach out directly to the sellers’ realtor for a chance to continue negotiations, which ultimately allowed me to submit a better, successful offer. A true ally!

I appreciated that Danielle was appropriately business-like and clearly professionally competent yet also light-hearted, flexible, and engaging. It is clear that she is motivated by helping people find well-fitting homes, not by any urgency of commission-based work. She is outgoing, an easy conversationalist, and someone who honors and respects people from a diversity of cultural backgrounds and walks of life.

Although this obviously won’t be true for all buyers, at the end of the day I bought a house that met all four of my most important criteria. That was unexpected, frankly, and feels like a blessing. I feel confident that I could not have done it without her devoted care and assistance. If you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Duluth area, I highly recommend working with Danielle Rhodes!

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