Review for Christopher Ken Macon by Dre F

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I don’t think I can give Ken enough credit and praise for his professionalism, finesse, knowledge, care and dedication to his craft! (Let’s also mention that he lives up to his title “Fashion Realtor”) I was referred to Ken by a close friend on March 15th, 2022.

We spoke initially for all but 15 minutes, and I explained: 1) The total amount that I had available for down payment; 2) My ideals, needs, wants (ranked) and dealbreakers for my future home; and 3) The areas that I would be interested in. Now, you can only imagine that as a first time home buyer, hearing him say “No problem, you definitely won’t have to spend that much at closing.” and “I have availability Thursday March 17th, and I’ll shoot you over a batch a homes to look at tonight, and tomorrow.” (Too good to be true, right?)

Well, wrong! I met with Ken at the first of 5 homes we were set to see on that Thursday, March 17th. He started the tour with saying, “I don’t want you to settle, want you to find the home that’s right for you, the one you want and can see yourself in!” The part the amazed me and earned all of my trust, was that Ken kept that same mentality, and focus with me throughout my entire home search. (Which, lucky for me, was complete in two days of viewing listings)

We toured four more homes on Tuesday, March 22nd. I fell in love with a beautiful, three-level, corner row home, with brand new everything, boasting nearly 3,000 square feet, open concept main floor with living, dining and kitchen area, Two Owner’s Suites on the top floor (with ensuite bathrooms), a fully finished basement with additional bedroom and full bath, a great sized gated backyard. I was SOLD! I said “Ken, THIS is the one!”

On March 24th, I put my offer in and it was accepted!… the best part about everything…. Is that Ken kept his word and came through on every single thing he promised, and then doubled down and trumped that.

I closed on my new home on April 21st, 2022! Ken was amazed himself that we had closed in only 28 days! I spent A THIRD of what I said I could come to closing with, keeping so much money in my pocket for new furniture and anything else I could think of for my new home. I’m a great up-and-coming area, and I have a home and yard that I know my dogs and I will have years of memories enjoying.

Ken Macon and his A-Team: Denise and Karen earned my full trust, and came through on their promise! Ken is who you need on your team if homeownership is your goal and you plan on #MACONitHappen!! Thank you Ken!!!
-Dre F.

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