Review for Caitlin Jones by Michelle M

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Simply the best! Three years ago, we reached out to Caitlin to ask about our prospects of purchasing a house in Tampa Bay. While we had some work to do on our end, Caitlin checked in periodically throughout the years. Like many during this pandemic, the time was right to purchase our first home. Caitlin was ready for us and provided us with the education and guidance we needed!!

Fast forward to our first house search outing with Caitlin. We had a plan curated for us based on our needs and budget. Throughout the day we were learning so much about what we really needed in our first home and what we were not willing to compromise. Each stop brought up more questions and Caitlin was sura to provide us answers to make the best decision for us.

Now we are under contract on our first home and we cannot thank Caitlin enough. We are forever grateful for the time, energy, compassion, care, education, and personalization Caitlin provided for our family.

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