Review for Caitlin Jones by Kate P

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I met Caitlin several years ago, when a real-estate agent friend in Fort Myers (where I was living) reached out to several agents in the Tampa Bay area (where I was moving) to see if anyone would be willing to help me search for an apartment, and Caitlin was the only one who responded. As a lawyer myself, I recognized her long-term approach to business development and respected the hustle. She was super friendly and informative and, over the next year-and-a-half, was always willing to take the time to answer my (many, many) questions about the housing market, despite my total uncertainty over when I’d actually be ready to buy.

When the time came to actually go house-hunting, I didn’t even think about looking elsewhere; I reached directly out to Caitlin. We visited about 15 houses in a 6-day period. Caitlin was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough and pointed out issues (major and minor) that I would have easily missed. One of her best pieces of advice to me (who really just wanted to pick a home and get on with it) was “if you’re going to pay $400,000 for a house, you better make sure you feel like you’re getting a $400,000 house. When we found our dream home, she saw it in our faces right away. She skillfully and successfully navigated us through the negotiating process (in an insanely hot real-estate market) all the way through closing, including handling a closing-day emergency (my fault) like a pro. She even pointed us in the direction of a mortgage lender who was able to get us a killer deal.

In the end, my wife and I got the house and yard of our dreams, and I have Caitlin to thank for that. If we ever sell, we will absolutely reach out to Caitlin again.

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