Review for Bobby Curtis by Kelsey L

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The most important thing to me as a client is that Bobby communicates clearly and with purpose. When I call or text, he is prompt to respond. But also whenever a situation arises, which they often do in real estate, he has the experience and solid advice on how to handle it. Especially with real estate where the stakes can be high, I appreciate that he prepares for each conversation or meeting, and doesn’t just “data dump”. He presents himself professionally, demonstrates the value of what he’s proposing, and doesn’t seek to cut corners. When it comes to selling, Bobby takes the time to walk with a client through the home and offer guidance of how to best present it to sell. I have talked to several others – where the agent implies the house will just sell itself, and doesn’t seem to offer what they can do to make the house really stand out. But Bobby presents his marketing and expertise as value-added to the client & it seems to work in selling homes quickly. And lastly, his experience as a contractor. I discovered how important it is to work with someone who has a brain in construction, and can bring those expertise in on what can be accomplished with a house, and for how much. Especially as a buyer, and in a competitive market. When there isn’t as much out there to choose from, it’s nice to know your real estate agent can guide you through what can be done with a house.

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