NAGLREP Spring Break Matthew Shepard Foundation Fundraiser April 14


NAGLREP will be hosting its “Spring Break” event on Wednesday, April 14, from 12 – 1pm EST with a virtual Fundraiser to benefit the Matthew Shephard Foundation.

Judy and Dennis Shepard will join NAGLREP members for this event, and all donations raised will go directly to the Matthew Shepard Foundation to benefit their LGBT initiatives in promoting education, outreach, and advocacy programs. More details on the event will be announced soon by email and our social media channels.

NAGLREP Founder Jeff Berger says “In 2019 NAGLREP donated over $25,000 to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and in 2020 over $30,000. While we miss not being able to host live events to share with Judy and Dennis, we know NAGLREP members are up to supporting again in 2021.

You can begin supporting today at

In the years since Matthew Shepard was taken from us, the LGBT community has made tremendous social, political and economic strides. However, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be completed, and the Matthew Shepard Foundation has been an invaluable ally in ensuring equality and respect covers all communities within the American mosaic. NAGLREP is proud to support this important organization. We usually host our LGBT Housing Policy Summit at HRC this time of year, but times change and this is the right pivot for NAGLREP’s mission.”

The event will be hosted facebook live at

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