Shann Carr’s Big Gay Mid Mod Tour Returns to NAGLREP Palm Springs


NAGLREP member and Palm Springs based comedian Shann Carr brings back her popular 90-minute tour of the city’s famed architecture and design. Shann shows off some of the town’s coolest homes and hottest spots.

This year we’ll venture off the bus to walk through two West Elm re-designed mid-mod houses that debuted at Modernism Week 2018 & 2019! They are so fabulous!! Learn about the most famous PS architects and how the LGBT+ community led the crusade to keep mid-century design alive and thriving here. Get the T and the shade (snarky gossip) dished out with some sugar (laughs) as you learn about the Palm Springs real estate market and our famous residents. #TheOasisIsReal

Limited space is available at

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