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Placester’s Seth Price understands how important individual brand is in real estate; noted speaker and author joins NAGLREP LGBT Real Estate Conference

Seth Price is one of those people real estate agents speak to who automatically gets them excited about what they can accomplish.  And that isn’t because of motivational ploys, it’s because he has been in their shoes, walked-the-walk as a noted entreprenneur and loves sharing what he has learned over the years.

Price has started 12 different businesses in his life and currently is the VP at Placester.  As the company’s third employee, Price has helped guide the startup into an important player in today’s real estate technology environment.  

Placester is just the latest success.  The first, if you don’t count doing odd jobs at Humboldt State University as a 13 year old, was launching Bubby’s, a noted restaurant in New York’s Tribeca where he used his lemon meringue pie and other desserts to entice the city’s food critics to write about the spot.

The serial entreprennuer has found that no matter what the business, each required him to create and constantly show value to those he served.  These learnings shaped his belief in personal branding and his extremely well-received new book, The Road to Recognition.

The book, which is currently one of Amazon’s top selling business books, uses insight from some of the world’s best know entrepreneurs to create an A-to-Z guide to personal branding.

He has found real estate, where he once worked as an agent, is an industry that requires a constant, thoughtful and consistent approach to marketing, largely because the transaction cycle is so long.

The noted speaker believes agents can conntect through content creation that can be shared via social and email marketing. The goal is to create an on-going connection.

Price also believes NAGLREP members have a unique advantage to showcase value through their leadership in the LGBT community. The places we live and work, and those who we surround ourselves with, are critical to our branding efforts and the source of continued business success.

Price will speak about the importance of personal branding at the NAGLREP LGBT Real Estate Conference on October 17-19 in Palm Springs.  

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