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Roddy Flynn started his political career at 5; today he is the Executive Director of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus

Roddy Flynn has been in politics since he was 5 years old when he went door knocking with his socially-minded parents in his Delaware neighborhood.  That early passion has taken him all the way to Capitol Hill as the Executive Director of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus.

The Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus was established in the U.S. House of Representatives in June 2008 by Co-Chairs Tammy Baldwin and Barney Frank.  Today the Caucus has grown to more than 110 members of Congress and is co-chaired by six openly  LGBT members, including Rhode Island’s David Cicilline who spoke about his soon-to-be re-introduced Equality Act at the NAGLREP Housing Policy Summit in March.

Flynn has had a front-row seat to two dramatic moments since gaining his position in June 2015.  Almost immediately he was swept up in the celebration when NAGLREP member Jim Obergefell won his Supreme Court case that legalized marriage equality.  He was also deeply impacted when Cicilline, Congressman John Lewis and others halted Congressional activities with their sit-in protest over gun control following the Pulse shooting.

Flynn, who earned his undergraduate degree from American University and his law degree from Washington and Lee, came to the Hill after working as an attorney in Delaware’s Richards Layton & Finger.  He championed civil rights for the LGBT community, founded the LGBT Section of the Delaware State Bar Association and focused on the rights of transgender prisoners.

This work and recommendation from current Delaware Governor John Carney, a friend since Flynn campaigned for him, earned the attention of the LGBT Equality Caucus members.

Flynn recognizes that not all NAGLREP members want to be as active politically as he is, but urged the group to consider:

·         – Calling your Congressperson’s office and explaining your concern about current policies

·         – Staying current on LGBT issues so you can share this information with your friends and colleagues who might have a greater appetite to participate

·         – Follow the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus on Facebook and Twitter and share posts that interest you.

Flynn believes even the slightest efforts can go a long way especially in today’s environment where many of the gains the LGBT community made under President Obama are being threatened by the current Trump Administration.

The advocacy work has not stopped and it’s comforting to know Roddy Flynn and the LGBT Equality Caucus are poised to continue their work on Capitol Hill.

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