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A NAGLREP Social Spotlight by Darla Michelsen

Taylor Sublett is a Realtor in Berkeley serving the San Francisco Bay area

As an agent with Bay Sotheby’s International Realty, Taylor looks back to the year 2007 when he first got licensed as a Realtor. While the real estate market headed south, he persevered and worked his way to success. First time buyers have long been his favorite clients because of their excitement in the process. Taylor’s approach is advising clients to make good decisions.  

Darla Michelsen: I first met Taylor at the 2015 NAGLREP Conference and we had the pleasure to connect again at the 2016 event.

Darla Michelsen: What do you like best about the area where you live and work?

Taylor Sublett: The Bay area is a special place known for its beauty, liberal politics, entrepreneurship, and diversity. And I never grow tired of looking at the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s truly breathtaking.

DM: What do you love most about being a Realtor?

TS: I enjoy the opportunity to work with people from all socio economic levels who are all searching for the same thing… a place to call home. Some clients are looking for small homes and some very large luxury homes.   

DM: What qualities do you think make for a successful Realtor?

TS: In my opinion, a Realtor should be organized and should care about people. Because agents work for themselves they need to be self motivated and understand the basics of running a business. It’s easy to be busy but agents need to be productive to make it work. Work smart, not more.

DM: What do your clients say about working with you?

TS: People tell me they like that I’m not a salesman, rather a consultant that guides them to do what’s right. They comment that I have a light touch in tough situations, and that I’m clear and accessible.

DM: What marketing strategies have best served your business?

TS: I’ve been leveraging Facebook. I post open houses and reach out to old clients. I can keep myself updated by watching what they’re posting such as doing upgrades to their house or having children. I want to be a presence in my client’s lives in a casual way. Facebook is a great way for people to get to know you as a Realtor and approach you without feeling pressure.

DM: What are some things people don’t know about you?

TS: I have a degree in cognitive science and I’ve been to Burning Man 6 times. I like to nap in my car and do meditation in the park during the afternoon.  And I’ve read all of Carl Sagan’s books.

DM: What do you do in your free time?

TS: I do cross fit a lot! And I used to play Rugby.

DM: Do you have a practice that helps you unwind or destress?

TS: Yes, I do meditation 3 times a week. It was something I started in college. CrossFit and Rugby do that for me too, because if i’m doing something that’s focused and hard it takes me out of my head for a while and brings clarity.

DM: Are you involved in your community?

TS: I’m very involved with my neighborhood association, and I’m the community building chair so we do a couple of events every year. It brings so many people together and I’ve enjoyed being involved.

DM: Why is it important to align yourself with NAGLREP?

TS:  NAGLREP advocates for LGBT fair housing and that’s so important. Our community has come a long way, but there’s so much more that needs to be done in regards to equality.  And personally it’s been a great referral network! Through the conference I’ve met great people who have become good friends and referral partners.

The conference also provides so many learning opportunities. I’ve been to Keller Williams Family Reunion and NAR, but they’re so big that you don’t have the personal contact. At the NAGLREP conference you can be listening to a keynote speaker, and then be sitting next to them in the next session. You can ask questions and they’re willing to help. It’s just more personal.  

When I’m looking for a referral for another city I feel confident to passing it on to someone I haven’t even met only because they are also a member of NAGLREP… because the quality of people is so good. We’re a tight group of over 1,500 people!

DM: Any take aways from the 2016 NAGLREP conference?

TS: I loved Sasha Farmers’ system! It was so organized and tight. And I liked Brad Inman. He was great at projecting into the future.

DM: Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

TS: I’m always there to help whenever I can. If you have a question about anything please reach out to me.

Darla Michelsen: Taylor is one of the friendliest people you could come across. He’s easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor and makes you feel like a friend from the get go.

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