Sarasota Memorial Hospital Five Star Rating

 In Podcasts Ranks Sarasota Memorial Hospital Five Stars – Highest Rating

Keith Kropp and Wayne Rogers are Realtors serving Sarasota and surrounding areas

Last week the Federal Government’s Hospital Compare website continued to rank Sarasota Memorial Hospital in the highest tier with Five Stars.  In fact, Sarasota Memorial Hospital is one of only 111 hospitals nationwide to be awarded this ranking and the only hospital in all of Florida!

The official U.S. site,, provides these scores for patients who are planning medical procedures.  The rankings are based on data that is revised quarterly for health care quality.  Some of the criteria measured are readmission rates, patient safety, mortality rates and overall patient experience.

Excellent health care no matter what your age is just one factor to consider when looking to relocate.  While Sarasota has so much to offer in terms of quality of life, a semi-tropical climate, world famous beaches, cultural and culinary amenities as well as a wide variety of housing for all needs, health care should be a consideration for everyone.

Sarasota Memorial is just one more reason I am proud to call Sarasota home.  

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