Sarasota Embraces Our Differences

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The 16th annual exhibit promoting tolerance and diversity ends today.

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 Sarasota Embraces Our Differences 2016

The 2016 annual exhibit, Embracing Our Diffences, including 45 billboard size images prominently displayed  on the Sarasota bayfront ends today.  Each canvas includes a work of art and a quote from artists and school children from around the world.

My first visit to this annual exhibit years back was one of the reasons I made the decision to move to this vibrant and welcoming city on the Florida Gulf Coast.  Embracing Our Differences‘ message to me was that Sarasota was a very warm, welcoming place for everyone.

As stated on the Embracing Our Differences website, the vision of the organization is as follows:

 “We envision a world that embraces diversity, respects differences and actively rejects hatred and prejudice.”

Since moving to Sarsota I have found this city to be a very welcoming place for people from all over the world.  Differences are welcomed and embraced here.  While not always perfect the town is constantly moving in the right direction, making Sarasota a very special place to live.

This year’s exhibit, the 13th annual Embracing Our Differences, was assembled from 8350 submissions coming from 104 countries, 44 states and countries from all over the world including India, Iran, Israel, Vietnam and South Korea.  In 2015 the exhibit was visited by 271,000 people.

When considering places to relocate to, it’s good to know that Sarasota excells at Embracing Our Differences.

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