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Janis Lippman is Fun, Advocate, Diligent, Compassionate

A NAGLREP Social Spotlight by Darla Michelsen

Janis Lippman is a current NAGLREP board member and got involved after doing some research and being very impressed with the work being done for Equal rights in the housing market for the LGBT community. Before becoming a Realtor she worked in the Performing Theatre Arts field in various aspects of management from assistant company manager, managing touring companies and was promoted to theatre manager. A rewarding 20 year well rounded theatre career, she loved it and still a big fan of the arts. She was also involved in renovation and restoration projects during this time with many of the old theatres in Boston that were built during the turn of the century.

A Realtor in the Boston area for over 11 years she started out assisting her partner in her Real Estate business, who was already very successful and found the more she got involved that she really loved it and finally made the decision to get her license.

Teaming up with her partner was an easy transition; working together they have taken the business to another level and have seen much success.

Darla Michelsen: What do you think is the greatest benefit you offer your clients?

Janis Lippman: Knowledge and Experience, the ability to stream line that together to offer a stress free process; I have handled all the details including walking the dog!

DM: What do you love most about the area that you live and work?

JL: I love this area because it appeals to so many different types of people, a large diversity of product mix in the types of homes too. We live in an area called Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood of Boston that is removed from downtown. It’s a beautiful area with great parks, shopping and it appeals to the hipster crowd.

DM: And would you call yourself a Hipster?

JL: LOL LOL !!!!!! I spend time with my niece and nephew.. I know I’m not a Hipster! LOL

DM: What is a social cause you are passionate about?

JL: The rights of the LBGT community, Equal rights, No more no less! I have worked hard to support these issues, it’s really about equal rights for everyone, and it’s amazing to me that it’s still something that has to be fought for around the country.

DM: What are your hobbies? Or what do you like to do with your free time?

JL: Traveling and getting away, I like to read, working out and I like to eat!

DM: What are 3 things about you that most people wouldn’t know?

JL: I’m such an open book.
DM: Yes, That is the answer I’ve now heard from everyone I interview but not sure I’m buying it?

JL: The three things about me that most people woundn’t know are I lived in Israel, I had a brother who passed away from AIDS, and I’m a breast cancer survivor.

DM: If you could sing one song on American Idol what would it be?

JL: Girls just want to have fun!

DM: If you could have any person dead or alive over to visit who would it be and what would you ask them?

JL: The late President Kennedy, I would ask him why he was so wise beyond his years in regards to freedom and rights for all people, what were his plans for his presidency?

DM: What is your Super Power?

JL: Perceptive … know your audience, everyone looks at things differently, I’m very good at understanding where people are coming from.

DM: What is your Kryptonite?

JL: Impatience, I’m a New Yorker originally and if someone is moving backwards, I may have to excuse myself…

DM: If you could turn back time what would you do differently?

JL: I would have thought twice about smoking cigarettes, I smoked for over 20 years. I’ve quit for over 20 years ago but don’t think I would have ever done it.
DM: Mine would have been I would have never gotten a perm !!
JL: LOL, yes I had some pretty awful ones in the 70’s LOL

DM: Answer this question? Before I die I would like to……..

JL: I would love to see much more of the world.

DM: I had so much fun talking and laughing and joking around with Janis, would love to sit and talk to her more about her many experiences and the causes she is most passionate about. Janis is a very down to earth person and it was a pleasure starting my morning with a conversation that was filled with fun and some deep compassionate issues.

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