Gabe Cordova Goes From Sales to Tech

Firepoint’s Gabe Cordova spent 15 years on the real estate sales side building a top team. He now has a new passion…technology!

Gabe Cordova is one of the rare people who can star in two real estate worlds.  He succeeded as a real estate agent and is doing the same now on the tech side helping lead Firepoint, an all-in-one solution that serves as the public-facing and back-end solution for agents and brokers, a super-cool and super-useful CRM.

The story starts 15 years ago when Gabe moved to Boise, Idaho and got into real estate.  He had no sphere of influence or contacts but quickly realized he loved the thrill of chasing leads. He slowly built his business and eventually a powerhouse ReMax team that became one of the best in Idaho and the entire Northwest before opening his own brokerage.  Along the way, Gabe grew frustrated that couldn’t keep up with leads or clients and kept losing them.  He found out he was not alone.

He and some other challenged agent friends searched for solutions and were unhappy with what they found.  They created a very early version of Firepoint and teamed up with eventual Firepoint founder Chris Tamm to build a ‘By Agents, For Agents” platform that the industry was missing.  Gabe continued to visit conferences and found others were interested in how he did things.  Many even wanted to buy their real estate solution.  That was the beginning of Gabe’s transition to technology and Firepoint.

Gabe is a people person who firmly believes technology “built by agents for agents” is extremely powerful.  He talks openly about how much fun he is having opening agent’s eyes to the power of technology and takes all calls, even from those who just want to ask a question and are not interested in Firepoint.

He offers some important tips for those looking to get into the tech game or expand on what they have:

  1. Look in the mirror and have a great understanding of what is holding you back or what you need to fulfill your shortcomings
  2. When exploring a piece of technology, don’t buy a one-size-fits-all product.  Most would likely pay for features they don’t need.  Instead, choose a product that can grow with you as you grow your needs.
  3. Make certain the product you are intersted in has robust training and support.
  4. Make sure you get one-on-one demos prior to buying.  Your needs will be different from others and you want your questions answered.
  5. Do not sign a long-term contract.  While vendors may want that, if the product is good you will want to stay with it.

Firepoint just became a NAGLREP corporate sponsor and Gabe will be at the October 17-19 LGBT Real Estate Conference in Palm Springs.  Feel free to shoot him an email at with questions you might have.

And, if you know the color of the Boise State University football field, listen to the podcast and you might win a free drink at the conference!

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