One of the Most Interesting in Real Estate

Blair Myers may be known for his persona, but he is also one of the most astute minds in real estate

Blair Myers is one of the largest personalities in all of real estate gaining acclaim as Middle Georgia’s top agent who is near the top of the RealTrends “The Thousand” and one of Inman’s News’ Most Interesting People in Real Estate.

Interesting indeed, but maybe not for the reasons you would think after a visit to his or watching him in last year’s Nick Cannon-produced Oxygen show Like a Boss which propelled his persona far beyond the day-to-day of running the Blair Myers Team of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Success.

There are clearly two sides to Blair.

“To the surprise of many, I’m an introvert who relishes my time at home,” he said while on the phone lounging in sweatpants and slippers from his home office. “But I also live to work. And I made the decision two years into my real estate career that who I am will be my brand. While I’m known for spray tanning, contouring and the full Kardashian shebang, I’ve begun a personal journey in 2017 and purposefully have gone without any of these things. If I’m anything, I’m a reflection of where I currently find myself in my life. And because I’m authentic, I’m valued in the business community.”

That persona has allowed Blair to become one of the very, very few in real estate to create a true brand that resonates loudly, even with an almost all-straight clientele. He is seemingly everywhere in Middle Georgia. You’ll see more of his for sale signs in yards than anyone else’s, he has two Blair-branded Prii (plural of Prius) seen constantly on the area’s roads, gives away Blair dolls, Blair lip balm (“my lips are always dry and I found this great balm and called the company to brand it for me”) and more traditional tote bags, mouse pads and pens.

“I don’t advertise and I’m not a fan of paying to be on Zillow and Trulia,” he said. “I don’t chase leads or business. I want to be in the power position where I am in control of my business. It took a while in the beginning to build to this and not having to cold call or chase FSBOs, but I was able to do it. I work day in and day out to build my brand and drive it to success.”

While most see Blair’s personality as riveting, a talk with him about real estate showcases one of the sharpest minds in the business. It starts with an unrelenting drive.

“In my formative years, I was often the subject of rumors, gossip and name calling,” he said. “I can remember the first time I heard the term “queer” in reference to me in the second grade. I learned how to block everything like that out and focus on what I wanted to do and how to get there.

“The key to my business and the success of the team has been the desire to always grow and get bigger pieces of the pie,” he continued. “The pie already has many pieces: new construction, retail, residential, commercial, land and farms, condos, investors and more. It goes on and on.  My goal is to increase my share of business in every piece of that pie – or sector – every year. And, because each may have their own cycles, this diverse portfolio of business serves us well.”

He also relies on a keen sense of people.

“I graduated from Transylvania University in Kentucky with a degree in sociology and anthropology,” he said. “I enjoy hearing people’s stories. I also learned to value people and learn from them. I have always been drawn to getting to know people and understanding who they are and what made them that person.”

Who are you? That phrase is said by Blair repeatedly during a conversation.

“It is vital to know what drives you, what you’re working to achieve and what your values and principles are that guide you,” Blair said. “Values can evolve. Principles are set. When I coached others, I diligently worked to get my clients to dig deep and not just make statements about themselves, but hone in on what drives them at their core. It has to be about more than money, status, power or material goods. I’ve been in real estate for 13 years and I know how challenging this career can be. You have to showcase your personality and be who you are. I’m an example. I grew up in Kentucky and operate in Middle Georgia. I have had success because I work hard, but also because I am who I am in an area that many thought I would never succeed in.”

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