Review for Stephen Nikkola (RA) by Bridget & Jasper K

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“With 110% confidence, we highly recommend Stephen Nikkola. Steve is a “real” estate professional on every level. He is genuine, friendly, intelligent, patient, professional, and professionally aggressive (but in non-pressure-filled manner). He is a skillful yet respectful negotiator. Responsive doesn’t even begin to describe Steve’s approach to communication – he always seems to be one step ahead of the game. We initially began our home buying journey with a frustrating experience involving a different team of realtors (affiliated with a different real estate company). We prefer not to dwell on this negative experience, but instead now see it as a means for eventually falling into the incredibly capable hands of Steve Nikkola, who randomly answered our online inquiry about a listed home for sale by BH&G. One phone call later, and we were sold – Steve was the guy we had envisioned helping us find a home to buy in Hawaii. It was that single twist of fate that propelled us into a forwar

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