Review for Russ Woolley by Louis T

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Russ is the person who knows people, property, zoning, financing, and, most importantly, what you want. He takes the time to understand you and has a highly successful way of blending reality into the home buying or selling process without creating a win/lose situation. Russ quickly learns about you as a buyer or a seller and is able to make the thousands of decisions necessary to close the deal, asking you for input commensurate with your comfort level. Whether you’re a control-oriented person or someone who wants Russ to do 90 percent of the work, he can adapt and make you comfortable and confident that he’s working in your best interest. He’s easy-going and experienced, and understands your objectives. This means you’ll get a stress-free transaction and a person you’ll want to know for many years after you buy or sell your home.

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