Review for RICK HAMILTON by Sirine B

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We had a very good experience buying our first home with
Rick’s help. He has been an asset throughout the process. We
visited many homes and made three offers in total, and Rick has
been extremely patient, understanding and always there for us
to guide us and advise us.

Our experience buying a home with Rick was great from start to
finish! We didn’t have a clear idea about what we wanted
initially, hence we visited many condos, houses and townhomes
and made three offers in total throughout the journey. In each
step Rick has been very responsive and helpful, and more
importantly he taught us a great deal about home buying in
general, like what to pay attention to during home visits, what to
consider when buying a home as investment, how to estimate
the value of a home, how to negotiate the price with the seller,
and the list goes on. In short, Rick went above and beyond to
make the journey as smooth, enjoyable and informative as
possible. We couldn’t ask for a better agent to guide us in our
first home buying experience! Thank you Rick, we can’t wait to
work with you again in the future!

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