Review for Michael Federau by George & Doug S

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We were introduced to Curt & Mike by a mutual friend back on 12/15. We had just signed a contract on our old home and the buyers wanted a 45 day close. Curt and Mike were great. They got right on it and showed us what we thought we would like. Turns out that wasn’t what we liked. That said, they looked at what we sold and then went and looked at River Club, called us and said “We think this is what you are looking for”. They nailed it. They were responsive and phone calls and emails were flying. We just closed last Friday, are in the new house and couldn’t be happier. They have even given us references for screening a Lanai and thanks to their contacts, we got a great deal and they started the install today. Tomorrow we meet with their blind people. They provided us with top notch service and if I know of anyone buying or selling, I would recommend them and only them. They did a fantastic job for us and we really appreciate all of their hard work!

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