Review for Linda Martinez-Rosario by Carlos S

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We found Linda through a search for NAGLREP affiliated realtors servicing our desired area of Union, NJ. As first-time homebuyers, we were pretty clueless about how all the steps would play out or even how to get started.

We were drawn to Linda’s friendliness, passion and knowledge. In the beginning of the process, even though she didn’t know that we would eventually select her, she prepared us with the knowledge for the road that was to come. We immediately felt a connection to her warmth, fun personality and candor. She checked up on us at different checkpoints in the process leading up to looking for homes. At each step, she coached us on how to prepare for the next.

Linda’s work ethic and professionalism is outstanding. She was always on time and she was always prepared for our appointments. She answered our questions promptly day and night! Also, though we can be indecisive at times, Linda was great at helping us focus on our priorities.

In the middle of the shopping process, my partner experienced a death in his immediate family that was very devastating and halted our plans to buy a house indefinitely. During this time, Linda was extremely compassionate and was there to listen to us as a friend. She knew that we were putting off our dream to buy a home, but she was there for us regardless. I can say that we never felt like just a number or just another sale with Linda. She really took the time to get to know us and bond with us.

In the midst of all of this sadness, a home that we had previously fallen in love with and made an unsuccessful offer on, came back on the market. Linda promptly negotiated a great deal on our behalf that really took us out of the depression and gave us something to look forward to! Linda spent a lot of time as our “hub” and connecting all of the pieces for us so that we could close on this house and mourn our loss at the same time.

We cannot say enough good things about Linda! We are so blessed to have had her be our guide. She held our hand, answered millions of our questions day and night. She responded promptly. She was always on time. She laughed with us, she felt our disappointments, she cried with us…and after finally getting keys to our first home…she rejoiced with us! We would recommend Linda without any hesitation. We don’t really want to think about buying a house again for a while (at least until we can fully enjoy this one), but if we were to do it all over again…we know that we would be in the best hands with Linda Martinez.