Review for Kristi Meyer by Keith R

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Kristi is the most amazing realtor I’ve ever worked with! I found her four years ago and she helped me and my husband look for properties in southern Colorado. She was always responsive to our needs, refining what we wanted and ensuring we knew about listings we would be interested in. We had a change of heart and didn’t pursue moving; and she remained in touch, always assuring us she was available to assist when we made the decision to move. Sadly, my husband passed away earlier this year. I turned to Kristi again when I realized I wanted to make the move to Colorado, and she helped me find my dream home here. I am confident that other realtors would not have gone the extra mile for us/me the way that Kristi has. Besides being an amazing realtor, Kristi has helped me transition from living on the Gulf Coast to the Colorado mountains. I know she is there to answer questions; and I have many of them!
Because of her professionalism as a realtor and kindness as a person, I am building a life in Colorado in my new home! I am very grateful for Kristi Meyer and highly recommend her to other folks!!

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