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Working with the Plourde team was life changing for me and for us as a couple. Shannon, Claire and Jen, all of them walked us through and supported us through every stage of the home buying process. They were so empowering and really got to know us as individuals and helped us to take the leap and in a crazy market, they helped us to make our offer that was accepted on our first try on a home a piece of land that we love so much. The integrity of each person on the team and their ethics and expertise felt unique. I knew that each of them would go to bat for us and were and are so invested in us. And they helped us to show up where we needed it. Pushed us in the best way when we needed it. When we hired the team we could feel that they would each stay in the process with us and hold steady if and when we wavered. We grew so much through going through the home buying process with the entire team. We felt so cared for and the entire team will always have a place in our lives and our home. We are so thankful. They bring something so unique and special. I know that the whole team brings this level of care and attention to all the folks they work with. I joked when we hired them that we needed a team that could be our midwives and hold steady with us through the birth process of home buying. And they did in so many levels. They are so special and they saw the specialness in us. Happy home buying or selling!

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