Review for Jay Mattlin by Lisa V

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Jay will ask you to do two things: Provide him with your pre-approval letter and tell him what you want most in a home. After that, you really don’t have to do anything. I know that last statement is not entirely true, but it feels that way. He covers everything! He answers all of your questions. He takes fear and uncertainty out of the process. This allows you to relax and enjoy the entire experience. He gave me a book at the first showing: “The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Guide”, by Jay Mattlin. This became a valued reference guide. Bravo!! Take the time to read it, often. Jay is with you every step of the way. From the first showing to the last. Putting in an offer. Explaining every detail of the contract. Attending the home inspection. Negotiating a price reduction as a result of the home inspection. Providing a timeline for your reference during the process. When you are on this journey to purchase a home. You soon realize, you have a team: mortgage broker, insurance agent and your realtor. Jay is the team captain. Yesterday, this single woman became a homeowner. I could not have done that without Jay Mattlin. Lisa Virgin, Lancaster Ohio

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